Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The most obvious benefit of orthodontics is a beautiful smile. But what our patients talk about even more is how that smile makes them feel…there’s no denying the positive impact the confidence of a beautiful smile can have in business and social situations. A great smile can be life-changing at any age!

Straight teeth can also make it easier to brush and floss, thus reducing the risk of cavities, bone loss and periodontal disease. The decision for orthodontics isn’t always just about improving how you look; a beautiful smile can be healthier as well! Call Morrish Stewart Orthodontics in Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch to schedule a consultation and find out how orthodontic treatment can benefit you or your child.

Early Interceptive Treatment

We encourage parents to bring their child for an initial exam at age 7. In some cases, Dr. Morrish or Dr. Stewart will recommend early, interceptive treatment. With early treatment we can take the least invasive approach to everything - from making room for adult teeth to advancing and/or expanding your child's jaw. Addressing these things early helps us avoid more invasive approaches in the future. However many children don't need early treatment. That's why we've created our Growth & Guidance program. If your child is in this program, that means they aren’t yet ready for treatment but we’re monitoring them until the time is right. These very important growth and development appointments will be scheduled every 6 to 12 months and won’t cost you a thing. But they allow us to choose the optimum time for treatment.

Adolescent Treatment

Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment, and for good reasons. By 12, most, if not all, of the permanent teeth are in place, and crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites are highly visible. We can often take advantage of the remaining growth to make the necessary orthodontic corrections to create an exceptional smile for your child.

During adolescence, your child can choose from a number of different treatment options designed to fit their personality. Some kids choose virtually invisible treatment while others choose bright colors that make wearing braces more fun.

Plus, since many of their friends are in braces at the same time, most adolescents LOVE being part of the braces crowd.  After school visits at Morrish Stewart Orthodontics in Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch can be lots of fun when kids see their friends from school, church or sports teams!

Adult Treatment

It's never too late for orthodontics!  As orthodontists, Dr. Morrish and Dr. Stewart know how important a healthy, beautiful smile can be at any age.  Straight teeth and a correctly aligned bite can provide benefits for adults that last for a lifetime. Along with the beautiful smile and increased confidence, benefits can include easier cleaning, for healthier teeth and gums, and less wear of the teeth and pressure on the jaw joints.  And with Damon Smile, Damon Smile Clear, and Invisalign, there are great options to suit every adult's preference and orthodontic needs.  Adults who've had orthodontics with us often comment that they wished they hadn't waited so long to start treatment. If they'd known how easy it is to get an exceptional smile, they would have started their orthodontic treatment years ago!

Damon System

With Damon Smile & H4 Braces we can provide orthodontic treatment without tightening. It’s more comfortable and requires fewer office visits, but what really sets these options apart is the philosophy of orthodontic treatment that Drs. Morrish and Stewart apply to each individual patient. We use lighter forces that not only make treatment more comfortable, but also provide broader, wider smiles.

If you’ve been told your treatment will require tooth extractions, headgear, rapid palatal expanders and/or surgery, treatment from Morrish Stewart Orthodontics could help you avoid most or all of those formerly common elements of treatment. Plus, it’s faster and more comfortable and the results speak for themselves.

Invisalign® System

Morrish Stewart Orthodontics can give you the smile you want without braces!  It all starts with a digital scan of your teeth, so there's no gooey impressions to begin your treatment.  The Itero digital scanner is the latest technology to streamline the Invisalign process and make it easier for you.  Invisalign then combines that scan of your teeth with Dr. Morrish and Dr. Stewart's treatment plan to create high-tech, 3-D computer models of your treatment. Those models are then manufactured as a series of aligners that move your teeth gradually to create your own exceptional smile. Invisalign treatment is nearly invisible, and gives you the freedom to eat whatever you want and freedom to brush and floss normally.   Drs. Morrish and Stewart have a lot of experience with Invisalign - and their experience makes your experience better. Call us if you want to find out more about Invisalign treatment at either our Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch orthodontic offices.